You can segment all subscribers into different groups. 

The segmentation is done based on subscriber activities and our algorithm. You can create segments with our rules. 

The filter conditions vary : 

  • Time of subscribe?, 
  • How many notifications previously sent?, 
  • How many notifications clicked?, 
  • When did visit the store?, 
  • Number product view, 
  • Number collection view, 
  • When did item add to cart?, 
  • Order amount, 
  • Subscribed from which device?, 
  • Subscribed from which browser?, 
  • Subscribed from which System OS?

Once you’ve set the rules, Number of subscribers will show that comply that rules. Then you can create different promotions for different groups. 

For example, 

you can have a campaign to target the "subscribers who visit store today" group with 5% discount, and another campaign to target the "subscribers who visited store last yesterday" group with 10% discount.